Focus on solving business problems,
we'll take care of the details.

A suite of custom-built solutions which enable rapid development of common features required by modern web apps.

Example Lib: Lynx

Provides rich linking features for your application, including: link parsing/formatting, exit links, mentions & hashtags, dynamic link previews.

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The Equip model

Equip is about creating modular, purpose-built, feature libraries for enabling companies to solve common problems experienced while developing applications. Examples include dynamically generated link previews for user content (see Lynx above), user data processing and ingestion, collaborative rich text editing, and so on.

When you join as a member of Equip, your company gains access to our team for requesting solutions to implement features for your applications. We evaluate the feature, scope out the solution, implement the library code, create generators, document the project, and deliver it to your team. All more cheaply than if you were to build it yourself, and better than if you were to bring in an outside contractor. We enable you to move faster by freeing up bandwidth with essential tools that previously just weren't an option.

For every library you use, your team will have access to use or modify that version of the source forever, and we'll send out any security patches even if you cancel your membership. Additionally, your team gets immediate access to all existing Equip libraries, as well as our Elixir knowledgbase.

Benefits over external contractors

Never give access to your codebase

All of our solutions are built and tested independently, ready to be installed and used at a moment's notice.

Equip is always working for you

Whether you have a project in progress or not, Equip is constantly improving as other members submit requests for solutions.

No surprise project costs

If a solution has a cost, it will be negotiated up front with the scope, at a fair rate for the time and complexity cost.

Benefits over open-source

Equip takes your requests

If there's an existing open-source solution, by all means. If there isn't, we'll make it happen.

No stale issues or hanging contributions

We will always respond to and handle issue reports, and you have access to the code if you want to modify it yourself.

Have a direct line to Elixir experts

Whether you have a question about an Equip library, an open-source module, or Elixir in general, we'll be here.

Everything you need

All-in-one service

Our guarantees offer your team maximum support and ease of use:


Reduce the time it takes to implement critical features.


No boilerplate, install a library module and hit the ground running.

No crossing wires

Equip never needs access to your codebase, so you stay in control.


All code is built in a modular fashion and is easy to grasp.

Fully documented

Every Equip library is fully documented for your convenience.

Source available

Your team has access to the source code, including all new versions.

Lifetime security

Once you use a library, you can expect lifetime security patch support.

Expert included

10 hours of consulting time per month is included, for help with installation or general issues.

Get notified when new products launch.

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